Roger Moore Talks Bond In Interview


Roger Moore, the third actor to play James Bond for Eon Productions, reminisces about the role in a new interview.

Seven time James Bond actor Roger Moore sat down with The Australian Financial Review to talk about Bond and retirement.

Moore began the interview talking about his retirement life, the time of which is split between homes in Monaco and Switzerland. He even mentions his favorite place to eat, La Plage in Switzerland, where a poster featuring him in his James Bond role hangs over his favorite table.

More importantly, Moore discusses retrospective perceptions on Bond.

The 88 year old English actor joked about how it wasn’t difficult to give up the role of Bond after 1985’s A View to a Kill given his age and the fact that his female counterpart in that film was young enough to be his granddaughter (Moore was 57 during filming of the film).

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Moore goes on to show his affection for The Spy Who Loved Me and how he would have loved to star in Diamonds Are Forever given Tom Mankiewicz’s script.

This leads to Moore sharing how he feels his Bond incarnation compares to Sean Connery’s and Daniel Craig’s Bonds. He calls their Bonds tougher, something that his Bond could never be because his Bond “was a lover.”

The capstone of the interview shows Moore sharing “the secret of James Bond’s success.” His answer is simple:

"“Because they always deliver. We expect beautiful women, exotic locations, gadgets, evil villains, great music … and we are never disappointed or short-changed by the producers. It’s a wonderful adventure for a couple of hours, but is never repetitive or boring. It keeps you glued to the screen.” (Australian Financial Review)"

The biggest takeaway from this interview is Roger Moore’s sheer enthusiasm about his past as Bond. It sounds like being Bond was a highlight of Moore’s life, and he isn’t trying to hide it. I enjoy his candor about the role. And now I want to go re-watch The Spy Who Loved me to see if I can spot his excitement for the film on screen.

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