Stephen Curry takes James Harden to school (Video)

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry took Houston Rockets guard James Harden to school all the way for an open layup.

James Harden has never been a defensive sieve by any stretch of the word, but it wouldn’t kill him to try and play a little defense and show some heart on that end of the ball from time to time. On Tuesday night, the Houston Rockets were playing the Golden State Warriors in a Western Conference Finals rematch and it was a time for Harden to match up against Stephen Curry, who edged Harden out for MVP last year.

Early on in the game, Curry took Harden to school and Harden’s bad defense looked even worse if that was possible. With Harden guarding Curry, Curry dribbled his way right on past Harden for an open layup and an easy bucket on the play.

To be fair, Curry has made plenty of defenders look silly before, as that’s just what he does. However, for a player that should be fired up to take on an individual that edged him in the MVP race, it would seem like Harden would make more of an effort to stop Curry.

Alas, he did not.