Naomie Harris Wants Her Bond Character to Be A Mainstay


Naomie Harris, the actress portraying the current incarnation of Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise, wants to be a continued presence in the films.

Actress Naomie Harris has appeared in the previous two James Bond films–Spectre and Skyfall–as the Daniel Craig era version of Moneypenny, the MI6 desk jockey working under M.

On Feb. 22, Harris tweeted that she hoped she will become a “mainstay” in the Bond franchise, just as Judi Dench before her.

Harris’ Moneypenny changed the game for the character, placing her into the field as a full fledged agent. Where Moneypenny has shown up in the field in previous Bond films, she has never been as front and center as in Skyfall, where she plays a pivotal (and detrimental) role in the opening scene in the film.

By the end of Skyfall, Eve Moneypenny is situated into her role as M’s secretary. That doesn’t mean she has shied away from the action, reprising her role in Spectre as the MI6 team attempt to squash the “Nine Eyes” plot of Blofeld and Denbigh.

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Judi Dench hasn’t been the only “mainstay” of the Bond franchise. The M before her, Bernard Lee, maintained the role from Dr. No through Moonraker.

Moneypenny, too, has been portrayed by only a handful of actresses through the long-standing franchise. Samantha Bond took the mantle through the four-movie run of Pierce Brosnan, and Lois Maxwell portrayed the secretary from Dr. No through A View to a Kill.

This is to say, it feels like Harris could easily be a mainstay of the franchise if she so chooses. Her version of Moneypenny in particular has a lot of room to develop.

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Harris also tweeted to Bond fans asking what they think Moneypenny should do in future Bond films. The answer could be many things. Her relationship with Bond is fruitful, and helps explain the playful banter of the characters in previous films. Not to mention that seeing her return to the field as an integral role in a Bond plot would be highly intriguing.

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