Did War Machine die in Captain America Civil War?


What happened to War Machine in Captain America Civil War?

Before you even start this post, keep in mind that there are spoilers here with the assumption that you’ve seen Captain America Civil War. If you haven’t, then stop here and come back once you have. I don’t want to spoil this movie for you and you don’t want to have it unwillingly spoiled for you — so just stop here and come back once you see the movie and we can all remain friends.

Alright, this is your final warning — there are spoilers ahead.

There are a few different things that happen to War Machine, but the most notable is that he seems to be quasi-paralyzed after being shot out of the sky by Vision. This was an accidental shoot down, as Vision was aiming for Falcon, who averted the blast of energy which hit War Machine and deactivated his suit.

This causes him to plummet to the ground — but he doesn’t die. Rhodey is partially paralyzed by the fall but is given a suit from Tony to help him learn to walk again. As we saw in the final scene of the movie, it’s not an easy road, but Rhodey is more than game to try and bounce back from almost getting killed.

We’ll more than likely see him make a recovery in time to be a part of the next Avengers films, but with no Iron Man movies planned as part of Phase three, he’ll have plenty of time to recoup on the sidelines.

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