WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results: Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles full video highlights

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Results and highlights from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles at WWE Extreme Rules 2016

The bad blood between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles is no secret within WWE and neither is the fact that both men have support in their corners, The Usos in the champion’s corner and The Club in that of Styles. With the title on the line in an Extreme Rules match at WWE Extreme Rules 2016, though, it truly felt like the final battle between these two titans of the squared circle.

With the animosity that has blossomed between these two talented competitors, it didn’t take long at all for the weapons to get involved given the titular stipulation in the match at WWE Extreme Rules as Roman went and grabbed a chair:

As it only took just a few moments for weapons to get involved, things quickly spilled out onto the floor and all over the place as well:

It truly was back-and-forth action with action going down all over the place and both men taking a ton of punishment with every move onto every single object (seemingly) throughout the arena in Newark:

One of the best spots of the night, though, came when the action went to the announce table. After beating the champ down with punches, AJ looked to sent Reigns through the table with some sort of running maneuver. Instead, Roman launched him with a massive back-body drop through the opposite table:

Back in the ring, Reigns looked to end it with a Black Tiger Bomb (Razor’s Edge into Sit-Out Powerbomb), but Styles somehow managed to kick out at two:

Soon after, though, it looked as if the champion’s knee gave out on him and put him at a severe disadvantage. He was hobbled, but even that wouldn’t let him show an ounce of quit.

Roman then started to fight through the pain, swinging Styles around like a rag doll outside of the ring into the post and the barricade and then powerbombing him through the other announce table:

That’s when Reigns looked to end the match with a Spear on the outside, though, but the challenger somehow found a way to dodge it and send Roman through the barricade:

With a bit of breathing room, Styles got Reigns back in the ring and tried to end the match with the Phenomenal Forearm. Roman was ready for it, though, countering with a Superman Punch that sent the challenger falling to the outside:

After Roman hit a Spear on the outside, though, The Club in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came down to help their comrade in Styles and laid out Reigns with a Boot of Doom. Even that wouldn’t keep him out, though, as it was only good for a two-count:

As The Club then looked to get a chair into the mix, The Usos came out and cleared the ring of Gallows and Anderson, which allowed Reigns to then take out AJ and get a pin attempt on of his own, but that was only good for two.

With the extra participants clearing themselves from the ring—with the help of two Superman Punches in the case of The Club—it was just Styles and Reigns left and the challenger hit a Styles Clash, but that was only good for two:

Ever resilient, the champ then tried to fight back, but Styles wasn’t having any of it. He again positioned himself near the chair still in the ring and hit a huge Styles Clash onto it. As he went for the pin, though, an Uso pulled him off to give Roman just enough time to get his wits and be able to kick out. AJ then snapped and took out The Usos with several chair shots apiece:

When he went for the Phenomenal Forearm to end the match, though, Reigns hit a huge Spear out of the air:

That was enough for the pin so Roman retained.

However, the action wasn’t done there. As Roman was celebrating his win, the crowed erupted while his back was to the ramp. That’s when a returning Seth Rollins appeared in the frame and took out the champ with a Pedigree:

WWE Extreme Rules went off the air with Seth standing tall over Reigns holding the belt.

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