Wesley Snipes is ready for another Blade


Wesley Snipes hasn’t closed the door on reprising his role in Blade.

It would seem the current trend in Hollywood is recycling content from previous eras and repurposing them for a new generation.

We’ve seen television shows like Full House tap into the nostalgia market by creating a spin-off series on Netflix called Fuller House. And there’s no shortage of movie remakes as movie makers are either unwilling to try a new and fresh idea or simply unable to come up with a new and fresh idea.

If Hollywood wants to continue their current way of thinking and make sequel after sequel of a known commodity, could it be that Blade is one of those movies that gets another spin at the box office?

It’s long been rumored that there could be a Blade series and Netflix would be the home for such a series, but whether it’s a TV show or movie if there is going to be more Blade, Wesley Snipes wants in.

The actor tweeted, “When it comes to another BLADE, there’s always a possibility.” He even included the hashtag #SharpeningMyTeeth for good measure.

This may be a bit presumptive. If there is a new Blade series or movie, who is to say that Wesley Snipes would be reprising his role from the movies? From his perspective, it would be a fairly safe assumption and likely for the hoard of fans of the franchise.

But depending on the actual production and who is attached to the production, they may have other ideas in mind about who would be playing his character.

Maybe there is some hot young actor they’ll think is a better choice for the role?

But let’s be real, Blade without Wesley Snipes wouldn’t be worth watching.

Nevertheless, until there is legit and concrete evidence to suggest there will be a new Blade production, fans will just have to hold their breath and/or keep sharpening their teeth.

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