Stephen Curry puts Andre Roberson on ice skates (Video)


Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry put Oklahoma City Thunder guard Andre Roberson on ice skates.

Stephen Curry makes a lot of people look silly on the basketball floor. As the elite point guard in the game, Curry can do just about everything on the floor and with the Golden State Warriors needing him to do just about everything in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry was showing off early just how talented he is with the basketball in his hands.

Late in the first quarter, Curry was dribbling up the floor and had Thunder guard Andre Roberson draped all over him on the floor. That’s when Curry decided to put Roberson on ice skates, which had Roberson sliding on the floor and trying to catch his fall.

Curry would miss the shot, but him breaking Roberson’s ankles was so ridiculous that it’s worthy of its own highlight anyways.

Roberson has been a defensive sieve for the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals this series, but even he isn’t immune to the greatness of Curry. On the bright side, he isn’t the only one Curry has embarrassed.

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