Design of Disney Infinity’s Doctor Strange toy leaked (Video)


The cancellation of Disney Infinity means Doctor Strange will never be part of the game, but designs have leaked of what the character would have looked like.

Last month, Disney announced that they were getting out of the “self-published console games business” and announced that they were shutting down the Disney Infinity game along with the company responsible for making the game, Avalanche Software.

The recent release of a Finding Dory inspired play set, marked the official end of new content being released for Disney Infinity franchise.

But a video by Youtube channel Infiniteer Adventures provides a glimpse at what could have been for the game, including what Doctor Strange would have looked like.

The Doctor Strange figure is in his signature pose, and the look of the character is based off of the actor who plays him in the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, rather than the character’s design from the comics. This is a trend that Disney Infinity started after the second Captain America was released, and he resembled his look from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There were very few details of what exactly the plan was for bringing more MCU characters into Disney Infinity. It makes sense that there would be more characters introduced from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. With the introduction of Doctor Strange, there could have also been an entirely new set of abilities in the game centered around magic.

Other play sets that could have been on their way to Disney Infinity included even more Star Wars toys that were highly publicized before the game’s cancellation. From the video, there were also plans for Peter Pan and Jafar from Aladdin to be added to the game.

Sadly, none of these expansions will see the light of day.


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