Hassan Whiteside announces his return to Miami on Snapchat

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Hassan Whiteside (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Hassan Whiteside (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images) /

Hassan Whiteside announced his re-signing with the Miami Heat in Hassan Whiteside fashion

NBA Free agency kicked off with a bang as a plethora of deals went down in the first couple of hours. About eight hours into free agency, after his meeting with the Miami Heat, Hassan Whiteside took to snap chat to announce where he will be signing.


Whiteside also wrote for The Players Tribune to announce his decision. While some reports leaked that the Dallas Mavericks had gained some ground in attracting Whiteside, his return to Miami should be no surprise. Whiteside had played for eight different teams since being drafted in 2010. He has been everywhere from the D-League to China to play basketball. It is no surprise he would stay loyal to the Miami Heat who invested in him more than any of the the other teams in his career.

Terms have yet to be released as to how long or big the contract will be, but given how the first few contracts of 2016 free agency have played out expect it to be massive.

As for the snap, that is classic Whiteside. He has one of the most entertaining snapchats stories of any NBA player. Walking off of camera while “Miami” by Will Smith plays in the background is about as 2016 NBA as it gets. You cannot hate that Whiteside was original, and props to him for breaking the story before any “sources” could get to it.

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