Pokemon GO: What can Eevee evolve into?

Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic
Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic /

Wondering how to get your favorite Eeveelution in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO has taken over many a life since its release earlier this month, with guides popping up on how to hatch Eggs, how to evolve Pokemon, and even how to refresh PokeSpots quickly. One of the most special Pokemon in the available set right now is Eevee. Why? This humble-looking creature is one of the few Pokemon that has multiple evolutions.

For obvious reasons like the Internet’s general love of portmanteaus, these Pokemon are known as the “Eeveelutions.” Currently, just three of them are available: Jolteon (an Electric-type), Flareon (a Fire-type), and Vaporeon (a Water-type and the coolest-looking of the three, sorry Jolteon fans).

“Now wait,” some Pokefans are saying, “what about Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon?” Those are the other five Eeveelutions, for reference. Sorry, they’re not available yet. That’s because the Pokemon GO set only includes the original 151 Pokemon, which does not include any of those five. You’re stuck with Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon for now.

So, once you’ve gotten enough Eevee Candies and are ready to evolve your Eevee, which of the three are you going to get? At first, it was thought that it was completely randomized.

That may no longer be the case. Reports are surfacing that which Eeveelution you get depends on which move your Eevee has:

The attached photo reads in part: “Jolteon comes from Eevees with body slam as their second move, Vaporeon from ones with swift, and Flareon from ones with dig.”

However, in a totally unsurprising move, there is an experiment being conducted on Reddit to see if this theory is true. Keep an eye on the thread, but for now the going idea is that the Eevee’s second move determines which Eeveelution you’ll get.

In short, it might be wisest to catch lots of Eevees and evolve as many of them as you can to get your ideal Eeveelution.

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