How to fix Pokemon GO Pokeball freeze

Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic
Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic /

Need some tips on how to stop Pokemon GO from freezing?

Even as Pokemon GO has taken over the countries where it’s actually been released, some problems have surfaced.

First, it was Niantic’s servers being overloaded in the first few days, making it difficult to log on and keep a connection. Now, many users are discussing problems with the game freezing while catching Pokemon.

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The problems seem to be affecting users on multiple carriers and phone models, primarily those who are using mobile data as opposed to WiFi. A Reddit thread in particular has some tips, however, to hopefully stop Pokemon GO from freezing up further.

From user


: “To all my iPhone 6 and up users I was going through this same exact problem and it was really pissing me off, but what I did was you got to your settings, go into your cellular option, select cellular data options, select enable LTE, and then select off. After I did this everything ran a lot smoother and I never had a freeze since then. Hopefully this works for you guys :)”

  • From user swiftuhhh: “It ONLY happens when you successfully captured. If you force close it when it freezes it will not count. If you wait for about a minute you will see the loading icon in the upper left. Game will still be frozen and you will have to force close it, BUT 9 times out of 10 when you come back you will have captured. Best thing is to go to the journal and it will confirm it. Has been working for me so figured I would share, its annoying but at least you can keep the pokemon.”
  • These tips may not work for everyone, but they’re a place to start. Many users have commented that the LTE fix works better after you restart your phone or the app itself.

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    As for server issues, which seem to have abated in recent days, Niantic is working to add more resources ahead of rollouts in more countries.

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