LeBron James couldn’t believe Heat let Dwyane Wade walk

CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 2: Dwyane Wade
CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 2: Dwyane Wade /

With Dwyane Wade in Chicago, his best friends, LeBron James and Chris Paul are still in awe that Miami let him walk.

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It still doesn’t feel real, but yes, Dwyane Wade is really a Chicago Bull.

However, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

After all, throughout Wade’s luxurious career in South Beach, can you believe that he was never the highest paid player on the Miami Heat?

Not once.

Just typing that sentence sounds silly, considering Wade is without question the best player in Heat history and for many, Wade is widely looked at as the third best shooting guard ever, behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Just like Tim Duncan and others, Wade always put the team first, but enough was finally enough.

A few years ago, Wade entertained the possibility of leaving via free agency, however, he ultimately decided to remain loyal.

Many thought the same would happen this offseason, including his good friends, LeBron James and Chris Paul.

“They were in disbelief that I didn’t have any deal that I wanted,” Wade said. “Bron always said when we were in Miami, he always said, ‘D-Wade is going to be like Kobe. He’s going to get that Kobe deal.’ So I think their disbelief was, ‘Why are you even a free agent? You shouldn’t even be.’”

Despite his age of 34, Wade is still playing at a very high level.

This past season, Wade averaged 19 points, 4.6 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game, while shooting 45% from the field.

Nonetheless, Pat Riley wasn’t willing to give Wade the ‘Kobe deal’.

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