WWE rumors: AJ Styles wants match against Mark Wahlberg

Former TN star AJ StylesPhoto Credit: TheWrestlingMania.com
Former TN star AJ StylesPhoto Credit: TheWrestlingMania.com /

The latest WWE rumors have hit that superstar AJ Styles wants to battle actor Mark Wahlberg in the WWE ring.

WWE superstar AJ Styles has defeated John Cena in the ring, one of the top stars in the professional wrestling industry. He wrestles in arenas all over the world and has already achieved many different championships. He’s now starring with the WWE after a lengthy career at TNA. With all the accolades and potential achievements he is still working on, there’s an interesting choice for the celebrity he wants to fight in the ring, leading to rumors of a future match.

According to WrestlingNews, Styles appeared in an interview with 105.3 THE FAN this past Tuesday and discussed the rumors of a Rock vs. Vin Diesel matchup. Styles noted it was “the craziest matchup ever” but added that WWE “would probably do it.” Most likely, WWE would have the pair on WWE Raw as guests ahead of their new Fast & Furious movie in 2017.

The interviewers also asked Styles about his own choice for a celebrity he wants to battle in the ring. AJ answered that he’d probably go with actor and producer Mark Wahlberg. Ironically, Wahlberg starred in the movie Daddy’s Home which featured a cameo from none other than John Cena.

Styles didn’t mention any particular dislike or beef with Wahlberg. However, he said he wants to see how he “matches up” with the Hollywood star. Wahlberg is known for being physically fit. Styles has also admitted to being a fan of “old school” hip-hop before. He may have jammed out to “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch a few times.

So should WWE contact Wahlberg? There have been numerous celebrities who have tried to do their thing inside the squared circle. Very few have succeeded or been on the good side of how things went down. Examples include Jeremy Piven, Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline, and Ken Jeong.

However, actor, rapper and NBA analyst, Shaquille O’Neal successfully was involved in matches and will be doing so again on “the grandest stage of them all.” Shaq is going to wrestle WWE star The Big Show at WrestleMania 33. Then there are the rumors of Rock and Vin Diesel possibly throwing down ahead of the Fast 8 movie.

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These Styles vs. Wahlberg discussions are mainly fun WWE rumors over what might happen one day. It’s unlikely that the company will add a second celebrity match to Mania, let alone a third. Don’t count on seeing that Styles vs. Wahlberg action happening just yet!