Election 2016 results: Who won Florida?


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton knew that the state of Florida would make or break their campaign. Who won this battleground state in the 2016 Election?

Update: Donald Trump takes Florida. 

Ever since the start of the electoral college system, Florida has been arguably the most important state. In the race to 270, Florida gives the winner 29 electoral votes. That’s the fourth most in the country, and it can tip the scales largely in their favor.

Al Gore knows that all too well. His 2000 election with George Bush was defined by Florida, because his hopes were riding on it despite the fact that he beat out Bush in the popular vote by almost 500,000. In the end, Bush won by 271 to 266 electoral votes. It was one of the closest elections ever, and it was the first time in over 100 years that the winner lost the popular vote.

Gore demanded several recounts, and took this matter to the Supreme Court, but it wasn’t enough to overcome. The Supreme Court ultimately upheld the ruling 5-4, and awarded Bush the state of Florida.

While that was obviously the most notable occurrence of Florida deciding an election, it played a significant part in 2012, too. Barack Obama wiped the floor against Mitt Romney, winning 332 to 206, but Florida remained tight throughout. Obama eventually won it by a 50-49.1% count, and while he would’ve won the election without Florida, it was the only state that was decided by less than 1%.

With the polls having just closed, results are starting to trickle in from all over the country. As a way of keeping us in suspense, Florida is usually among the last states to be revealed, if only because they have to count so many votes.

Because it has such a diverse population, Florida has never been a strictly Democratic or Republican state. Starting in 1980, it was a Red state for every election except for 1996, but they voted Democrat during Obama’s two election years. Hillary knew the importance of Florida, which is why she spent nearly $300,000 on ad campaigns in the state. It’s a move that’s paid off, as she has led in state polls throughout most of her campaign.

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No matter what, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton know that Florida will ultimately make or break their campaign. Keep it locked here at FanSided, as we’ll update you with the final results when they come in.