Stephen Curry makes insane near full-court court shot (Video)

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 16: Steph Curry
TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 16: Steph Curry /

The Golden State Warriors are currently playing the Indiana Pacers in Indy. Stephen Curry is doing silly things with the basketball.

What else can possibly be said about Stephen Curry? He does the amazing so often that it becomes almost routine. And yet, he will find a way to do something that makes you question reality; that convinces you Curry is a cyborg created by an alien race that worships the sport of basketball.

The Golden State Warriors are in Indianapolis playing the Indiana Pacers. With two seconds left before halftime, with the Warriors up nine, Steph Curry receives the inbound pass on the opposite side of the court from the basket he is supposed to shoot at. Only Steph could take a play as benign as this – a shot as low-percentage as this – and turn it into something special.


Curry crosses up two defenders at the same time, tries to draw a foul from Thaddeus Young by leaning into the Pacers player, and flicks a “hopeless” shot towards the rim. Did I mention that he is shooting from the other three-point line? The degree of difficulty on this shot is nearly impossible to calculate.

Of course it goes in. Of course it goes through the hoop like it was shot from 12 feet away instead of 70. Of course Curry thought it was going in. He thinks every one of his shots are going in, and he is right a lot of the time.

We have come to expect the ridiculous and unbelievable from Steph Curry, but he still manages to find ways to do things outside the realm of an average person’s imagination. He still makes NBA fans, fans that have watched Jordan and Magic and Bird and LeBron, stare at their television or computer screens in disbelief.