WWE Roadblock results: Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn full video highlights

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In one of the two non-title matches at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line, Sami Zayn took on Braun Strowman. How did The Underdog from the Underground fare against the monster?

The second match of WWE Roadblock: End of the Line on Sunday night brought “The Underdog from the Underground” Sami Zayn against Braun Strowman.

This match was set up a bit differently than a normal one-on-one match. It was set up by Raw general manager Mick Foley that Zayn had to try and last 10 minutes in a match after Strowman claimed nobody could last more than two minutes against him.

In the early portion of the match, Strowman looked like he was going to prove himself right, because Zayn could muster … well, nothing offensively.

Strowman was throwing Zayn around the ring like a ragdoll. It was like the first few rounds of the Rocky Balboa-Ivan Drago fight from Rocky IV. It wasn’t pretty.

The match was slow, which favored Strowman. He toyed with Zayn. He faked covers. He absolutely obliterated Zayn throughout the match.

It got so bad that Mick Foley came down to ringside with a towel on Zayn’s behalf.

Zayn begged and pleaded with Foley, including throwing the towel into the crowd. Strowman continued the assault, including telling Foley, “You could’ve ended this! Now I’m gonna finish this!”

As Strowman looked to finish Zayn, Sami got an opening. Or two.

Strowman drilled the ring post after Zayn dove out of the way, which bought Zayn more time.

The monster tried to drill Zayn through the barricade, but it was Strowman that went through. As Zayn entered the ring to beat the 10-count, so did Strowman, but just with a second to spare.

Zayn was able to counter the big man for a third time with Strowman ramming his shoulder into the ring post on a charge attempt.

With just seconds left, Zayn drilled an Helluva Kick to seemingly end the match and get the “win” for Sami.

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The war’s far from over, and it’s off to a wonderful start between the two competitors.