SM Huddle 6 Pack: Strategy, Engagement, Cleat Wars & More


In this Sports Marketing Huddle Six Pack, Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy talk with James Royer about how the Kansas City Chiefs engage their fans on social, Jonathan Cane about if Nike’s sub-2:00 marathon campaign is possible, Lindsay Naber about Rawlings Sporting Goods 130 years of excellence, Chris Zoller about Everlast’s forward thinking use of content, plus they give a recap of Social Media Week NYC and who really won Adidas win an island promotion at the NFL combine.

EP-170 James Royer, Dir. of Digital Media & Strategy, Kansas City Chiefs

Cressy to share his keys to success for delivering engagement. The Chiefs ranked number one among all NFL teams in Facebook engagement, and number five in Twitter engagement. In the final eleven weeks of the NFL season their Instagram engagement increased from 22nd to 8th. What changed that allowed them to see such an increase? How are the Chiefs approaching Snapchat compared to other platforms? How important is video in their engagement strategy? Why is testing such a vital step in the fan engagement process?

EP-171 Jonathan Cane, Founder of City Coach – Breaking 2:00 Marathon

Jonathan Cane, Founder of City Coach, joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about the running community, brands who are doing a good job of embracing it, plus Nike’s marketing campaign around breaking a 2:00 marathon. Is this just a marketing ploy or is it actually possible? What impact, if any, occurs if a Nike athlete is not able to accomplish this? Is controversy good for brands?

EP-172 Lindsey Naber, Director of Marketing, Rawlings Sporting Goods

Lindsey Naber, Director of Marketing for Rawlings Sporting Goods, joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about Rawlings 130 year history and how they’ve been able to sustain their excellence. How have the evolved over the years and used their relationship with Major League Baseball to their advantage? What do MLB teams do with all of the balls that are no longer suitable for game play? How did the Gold Glove award start and how did it expand to multiple levels of baseball? What are the biggest challenges they’ve faced as marketing has evolved? How important are athlete endorsements for the brand?

EP-173 Social Media Week NYC Panel Recap

At the 2017 Social Media Week in New York Brian Cristiano hosted a panel alongside Megan Ryan, from the Atlanta Hawks, and Daniel Roberts, from Yahoo Finance, where they talked about sports, content, and marketing. In this episode Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy talk about the best takeaways and quotes from the panel.

EP-174 Chris Zoller, Director of Marketing at Everlast – Storytelling & Community

Chris Zoller, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Everlast Worldwide, joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about what it is like marketing an icon brand and pushing it into new places. Everlast has built out an in-house studio so what role does podcasting and live video play in helping them engage their community and tell their story? How should other brands be thinking about content creation? Wearable tech is on the horizon for boxing. What sort of impact will this have on the sport as well as with everyday consumers who participate in boxing for fitness?

EP-175 Who Won The Adidas Win An Island Promotion at NFL Combine?

Adidas promised to give an island to any NFL draft prospect who broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record, as long as they were wearing the 2017 adizero 5-Star 40 cleats and accepted an endorsement deal with the company before the 2017-18 NFL season. Amazingly, John Ross, a WR from Washington, broke Chris Johnson’s record by running a 4.22. He did so, however, in Nike’s.

Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy dish about who is the winner in this promotion: Adidas or Nike. How did Nike capitalize on this after Ross accomplished this feat? Is there any negative backlash on Adidas? Will we continue to see lottery ticket-esk marketing campaigns like this that hope to capitalize on short term attention?

At the end, Brian and Rob give actionable advice on what you can implement into your business from Adidas win an island promotion.

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