Ranking all 25 WrestleMania matches of The Undertaker

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16. The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns – WrestleMania 33

In what we now know was The Undertaker’s final match in WWE, this battle with Roman Reigns came about as a battle over “The Yard”, a term that ‘Taker threw around for years during his prime and Roman picked up on to essentially make this match happen. Reigns was appearing in his third straight main event and when the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match went on earlier in the night, there was really no doubt as to what was going to happen here.

It had been four years since The Undertaker put on a truly great WrestleMania match, and while I was hopeful that he might be able to give the WWE Universe one last thrill ride (see what I did there?), his body just wasn’t up to it and this match just didn’t look all that great, despite the two men in the ring telling a nice story.

I will give The Undertaker credit for taking that spear on the announce table outside, though. That was the one last big spot he had in him and he took it quite well. But the rest was just kind of sad. The spot where Roman tried to get ‘Taker into the Tombstone looked bad and ‘Taker couldn’t even seem to remember how to slap on Hell’s Gate at one point. He hit a horrible-looking powerbomb as well and the rest was essentially him throwing punches and taking Superman punches and spears. But as I said, the story was nice as it was clear The Undertaker just didn’t have it anymore and that this was now truly Roman’s yard. Boo Reigns all you want but he made The Undertaker look as good as anyone could at this point and he hit the super-duper spear to pick up the victory. 23-2

The story here though was always going to be the post-match festivities as The Undertaker stood in the center of the ring in full gear and then proceeded to remove his gloves, coat and hat, then placed them all in the center of the ring to let the world know that he had done enough. He then broke character, which is something he never did, and kissed his wife Michelle McCool at ringside before walking up the WrestleMania ramp one last time in an epic scene. Not a great match but it was a special moment.