Comedian Ian Karmel on the Blazers, breakfast, and Blake Griffin haters

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Comedian Ian Karmel (@IanKarmel) has been a Trail Blazers fan pretty much since he was a kid and Kevin Duckworth gave him a piggyback ride over at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center in Portland, where the team used to practice. Now Ian is based in Los Angeles where he works for the Late Late Show with James Corden but he still proudly wears his Blazers gear, even when he is meeting NBA and Hollywood stars.

Ian also happens to be a listener of Fastbreak Breakfast, and he joins host Keith Parish (@royira) for an interview about a wide swath of topics, venturing from working with Blake Griffin all the way to the transformative power of a mustache.

Also covered:

  • The undeniable likability of Russell Westbrook and seeing him dent his face in person
  • An origin story involving getting bit by a radioactive Bill Walton
  • Is the Late Late Show consciously making an effort to become the go-to spot for NBA fans?
  • Discussing the dichotomy of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s on-court and off-court personas
  • Pros and cons of Chipotle. Why so much backlash?
  • Is Meyers Leonard getting picked on too much? (NOTE: this episode was recorded before Jonathon Simmons publicly bullied him)

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