NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III: Asuka vs. Ember Moon highlights, result

credit: WWE.com
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Ember Moon and Asuka battled in a viscous NXT Women’s Championship match at TakeOver: Brooklyn III on Saturday night.

In what has become one of the more bitter and personal feuds in NXT, Ember Moon finally got her shot at Asuka on Saturday night. The NXT Women’s Champion has done whatever it takes to keep her title during her incredible winning streak. However, Moon looked to be the one to finally defeat the champion.

Right away, Moon tried to get in the head of the champion. Asuka would quickly have to roll outside to try and regroup. There was no time as the champ got hit by a cannonball from the challenger off the top rope to the outside.

The physicality picked up from there. As the champion rebounded, she delivered a nasty to suplex to the injured shoulder of the challenger right on the ramp. She continued to focus on the weakness of her competitor from there.

Just as it looked like the champion was going to be just too much, Moon found it within to fight back and get some big leg kicks in. However, it would be a short lived momentum swing as another suplex flattened the challenger.

The challenger kept coming back despite the injured shoulder and disadvantageous position. Taking high risks, Moon threw out everything but the kitchen sink in an attempt to stall Asuka in the ring. A vicious series of knees to the champ really highlighted the variety of offense on display.

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Hung up on the ropes, Moon went for yet another pin attempt but still couldn’t quite seal the deal to win the title. Out of nowhere, a stunning eclipse from Moon off the top rope almost put the match away as the crowd roared. As she went for a second one, the champion held the ref in front of her to try and avoid it. She took a superkick for her troubles, but still kicked out somehow.

Playing possum, Asuka caught Moon with the Asuka Lock as the challenger desperately tried to fight out of it. Despite one hell of an effort, Moon would tap and the record 500-plus day reign continues.