John Cena being surprised by adoring fans is the best (Video)

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John Cena is usually the one making other people cry with surprise appearances, but the tables were turned on him for once and it was spectacular

Last year John Cena partnered with the folks from Cricket Wireless to give us one of the more entertaining commercials we’ve seen featuring the 16-time world champion. Cena went to a Cricket Wireless store in Los Angeles where he would surprise adoring fans who had no clue he was there and their reactions were priceless.

But, what if the tables were to be turned on Cena? What if, if only for one time, it was Cena on the receiving end of the emotional surprise visit? Thanks to Cricket Wireless, they were able to answer that question and it’s one of the best things you’ll see all year.

In a new commercial for Cricket, Cena sits down and reads some of the emotional letters that he’s sent from fans, something that he’s done many times before. Although, when he reads the fan mail, the person penning the letter generally isn’t right there. Well that changed, as Cena was surprised by the person who he inspired, and again, this is just one of the best things that you will ever see.

You can hate on the leader of the CeNation all you want — and we know people do — but when you see the joy that he brings to people’s lives on a regular basis, how can you not sit back and respect that? You might not be fond of the promos that he cuts or the matches that he has, but his effect on people going through difficult times is truly undeniable.

The world needs more people like John Cena and it was nice to see him getting an emotional surprise for once instead of the other way around. Well done by all here.