5 reasons why the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs will be amazing

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Any upcoming plans? Cancel ’em. It’s the NHL playoffs and we’re set to be your hype man for the next three months. Need coverage on all things Stanley Cup? We’ve got you.

The Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us.

Boss won’t give you paid vacation time to follow your team to silver glory? Tell her to give us a call. This isn’t a year you’ll want to miss. Let’s drop the puck and do some checking.

So, your team was invited to the cool kid’s party. The NHL’s final 16. Paper towels on the left for those who’ve been salivating since October.

Yes, this is it. The final regular season game has come and gone. Those who paid their penance with picks and prospects at the trade deadline are ready to go to war, while those that didn’t have been sacrificed to the hockey gods.

This really has been a fantastic year. And whether or not your team actually made it to the playoffs, we here at FanSided are intent on keeping your party going.

Don’t think that just because you’re a Dallas Stars or Arizona Coyotes fan — so sorry — that you can’t join in the fun. This run to the Cup promises to have a little something for everyone.

But enough with the yucks and the yacking. Here’s the lowdown on the top five reasons these 2018 playoffs are guaranteed to be one for the ages.

Still drooling? Alright, maybe seek help.

LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 26: William Karlsson

No. 5: Vegas, baby!

If you’ve had your head buried in the desert sand for the last little while, you might not know about these Golden Knights. But boy, what a revelation.

Not only did they win the Pacific Division while just a few points back of being the best team in the NHL, but this is an expansion squad. It’s. Their. First. Year. You aren’t supposed to do this your first season in the league.

Well, toodles to that notion.

Want some razzle and/or dazzle? Plenty of it.

How about some sassy glove grabbies? Yep.

This team can do it all. What’s most important, though, is what this does for the NHL. The Golden Knights have already firmly endeared themselves to fans in Nevada. The numbers bear it out, too. They’re beating hockey clubs like the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins in average home attendance. Keep it going.

With talk of the league looking to bring on the Seattle Kraken in a few seasons (we’ve already named them, and oh my do we need a “Golden Knights look to slay the Kraken” headline), this year was a dream. The NHL could not have asked for a bigger success. It’s only going to strengthen the argument for more teams and more expansion, as those who place their bids look to replicate these results.

Not to mention, watching Vegas in the playoffs is just going to be flat-out exciting. They have as legit a chance as any to win it all. Imagine the killer celebration that town would put on. Invite us, please.

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