2018 NBA Mock Draft: Knicks go big with Mo Bamba

NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 16: Mohamed Bamba
NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 16: Mohamed Bamba /
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. G/F. Oregon. Troy Brown. 15. player. 142

Watching the Wizards throughout the season, it was tough to peg exactly what was wrong. Part of the problem is a bench overrun with expensive contracts for veterans who didn’t produce, part of it has to do with John Wall’s playing style, and part of it probably falls on coach Scott Brooks. Brown would bring an infusion of athleticism and defense that helps make up for those problems.

Versatility is one thing that will be able to hide Wall’s limitations off the ball. Put together lineups where everyone has the ability to score, pass and shoot, and Wall’s creation is less valuable. It may not change his mindset, but it limits his control. If Washington drafted Brown, they could conceivably throw out some wackadoo stuff like Wall-Bradley Beal-Brown-Kelly Oubre-Otto Porter against small opposing teams.

On defense, Brown would bump everyone down yet another notch. Wall and Beal aren’t bad defenders, but their responsibility on offense limits them, as does their sometimes questionable effort. Brown taking on the best opposing player from 1-3 would allow Wall to defend the weakest player, with Beal taking on the other wing. It’s not that simple against every lineup, but altogether Brown’s length would help Washington’s defense.

Most importantly, he brings some pop to a team that feels stale nearly every time you watch.