2018 NBA Mock Draft: Knicks go big with Mo Bamba

NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 16: Mohamed Bamba
NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 16: Mohamed Bamba /
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When he’s been engaged this year, Musa has proven to be one of the most unguardable scorers in the world. The Blazers have some thinking and re-figuring to do off-season after a sweep at the hands of the Pelicans in the first round, and Musa could be part of a long-term answer for creating a less predictable offense.

Musa can put his head down and gain steam driving through bigger defenders or pull-up from WAY back and bomb 3s. His quick release and surprising first step make him a difficult matchup. In the NBA, Musa would occupy a premier wing defender if both skills translate.

The Blazers desperately need someone to take attention away from Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. Al-Farouq Aminu, who has shot 38 percent from 3 in Portland, was completely ignored by New Orleans in the first round. He made shots, but the lack of versatility across the offense made the decision work in the Pels’ favor.

If the Blazers are able to add another smart offensive player like Musa to their core, maybe they don’t need to break up the team so soon.