WWE Extreme Rules 2018 review: What we learned, highlights, takeaways, future projections

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Finn Balor vs. “Constable” Baron Corbin

What we learned: Well, just before this match got underway, Monday Night RAW General Manager Kurt Angle held a backstage interview and gave Brock Lesnar an ultimatum. He can either show up on Monday night and agree to defend the WWE Universal Championship or he’s going to be stripped of the title. So there’s that.

As for this matchup, I think I learned that it’s more entertaining watching Baron Corbin wrestle in these suits than it was watching him in that old gear. Yep, that’s the biggest takeaway I had here.

It’s not that this match was bad but this whole storyline just hasn’t interested me at all. They went for about 10 minutes with Corbin controlling the vast majority of the bout but Balor was able to sneak a victory with a roll-up. Corbin did look very athletic here and showed that he could keep pace with someone like Balor but it didn’t really matter. I actually do like the new character and I think it’s working for him but I actually thought he’d get the win here so I’m 0-for-2.

What’s next: Well, I thought a Corbin win could keep this moving until SummerSlam but I like a new idea here. Finn said on the kickoff show that he’s got no problem making enemies, including Stephanie McMahon, so I think she may end up getting involved here, which may signal the return of Triple H. Triple H vs. The Demon (which we haven’t seen in a while) at SummerSlam? Yes, please. It’s a longshot but that could be great and could really elevate Balor, something he sorely needs right now.