Overwatch League Grand Finals Day 2: London Spitfire are first ever OWL champion

2018-07-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
2018-07-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment /

The Overwatch League has its first champion.

After winning the first match of the Grand Finals on Friday night, the London Spitfire were in prime position to become the Overwatch League’s first champion going into the conclusion of the Grand Finals on Saturday.

The Spitfire needed to win just one more match to clinch the championship. The Philadelphia Fusion would would have to win two matches straight in order to overcome their deficit and win the series’ best of three.

Match One

Map One – Junkertown: Philadelphia’s offense came roaring out the gate with a heavily-shielded Bastion composition, and while London put up a fight, the Fusion were able to make good time through the first two sections of the map. But Philly was completely shut down in the last third of the map, with a highlight being Profit on Hanzo delivering a beautiful four-kill Dragonstrike. On London’s attack, Gesture on Orisa and Bdosin on Roadhog combined their abilities time and again to make a force too deadly to defend against. Philly only bright spot was a three-kill Self Destruct courtesy of Poko, but otherwise the Spitfire were just too much to handle.

Score: Fusion 2, Spitfire 3

Map Two – Lijiang Tower: First on Night Market, London completely dismantled Philly, creating situations that forced the Fusion’s team apart and then taking advantage of those situations by hunting the vulnerable Fusion members down. The Spitfire shut out the Fusion on Night Market, and continued their dominance onto Garden. But this time, Philly managed to get a foothold on the objective. Carpe’s Widowmaker made the difference, battling past Gesture on Winston who was attempting to box him inside his own spawn point to land two headshots. Unfortunately, the effort was too little too late. Already up 99 percent, the Spitfire just needed to win one more fight to both flip the point and take the objective, which is exactly what ended up happening.


Score: Fusion 0, Spitfire 2

Map Three – King’s Row: Philadelphia captured the first point after Carpe’s Widowmaker came alive, landing a few headshots. But the Fusion found it difficult to push forward. The Spitfire used Profit’s Junkrat annoy the Fusion as a flanker, and Bdosin also got aggressive on Zenyatta, executing some flanks of his own. Philly managed to keep the push alive through the second checkpoint thanks to effective use of their two support ultimates over London’s one, and against all odds ended up finishing the map in overtime.

London’s attack run was chock full of crazy ultimate combinations as well as excellent individual plays. For Philly, Carpe stepped up once again not just on Widowmaker but also on Doomfist, of all heroes. But the Fusion could not prevent the Spitfire from pushing through to the end, buckling under the onslaught of expertly placed ultimates.

Because both teams earned three points on their respective attack runs, the map moved on to time bank rounds. Because London was the only team who finished with time on the clock, they were given another chance on attack and all they needed was one tick on point A to solidify their victory. That was exactly what the Spitfire was able to do, right away boxing out the Fusion and nabbing the first elimination. Within seconds it was all over.

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The London Spitfire are the Overwatch League’s first champions.

Score: Fusion 3, Spitfire 4

Final Match Score: Fusion 0, Spitfire 3