Predicting when every NHL team will win its next Stanley Cup

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Chicago Blackhawks

Is a new era of consistent playoff and Stanley Cup Final appearances on the verge of taking place in Chicago for its beloved Blackhawks?

The Original Six franchise erased decades worth of droughts after the Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup since 1968 back in 2010; and the Hawks went on to win two more Cups in 2013 and 2015.

However, Chicago may have to brace itself to be patient again and wait several years to host another Stanley Cup parade in the Windy City.

Yes, Chicago general manager, Stan Bowman, appears to be rebuilding Chicago on the fly; but that doesn’t mean that the Blackhawks’ fortunes will be the same as they’ve been during the Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews glory years.

While Chicago had almost a decade worth of commendable success (2008-2018), there were plenty of other Western Conference teams improving and striving to reach the Hawks level. Central Division foes such as the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators are built and ready to win at least one Cup over the next five to eight seasons, which doesn’t bode well for the Hawks.

Don’t be surprised to see Chicago’s front office do everything in its power to try and go for another Cup over the next two to three seasons, but the reality is that the Hawks need to consider moving on from players such as Kane and Toews if they want to get back to “Dynasty” status.

The parody in the NHL is best among all four major professional sports, which again doesn’t go in favor of a team that’s fresh off a dynasty nears its end. Chicago won’t see another Stanley Cup championship until 2029.