Punishment Martinez reportedly coming to WWE

Punishment Martinez, TV Champion of Ring of Honor - Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR Melissa Woodruff
Punishment Martinez, TV Champion of Ring of Honor - Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR Melissa Woodruff /

Ring Of Honor star Punishment Martinez, who held the ROH World Television championship, is finishing up with the promotion and is expected to join WWE soon.

Interesting news has come in regarding Ring Of Honor wrestler Punishment Martinez, who was known for his stint as ROH World Television championship before dropping it just recently. It’s being reported by the Wrestling Observer that Martinez is indeed heading to WWE now that he’s apparently leaving ROH. It’s unknown at this time on whether Martinez will be going to NXT if he were to sign with WWE.

Despite reports of him leaving ROH for WWE, Punishment Martinez seemed to show a lot of optimism toward his time with the independent promotion, which may seem to indicate that he wasn’t frustrated with his role in ROH at all, according to an interview he gave with Fight Booth PW not too long ago.

“The avenue of watching pro wrestling, especially Ring of Honor, has become so wide and so easily accessible that, like I said before, it’s not just an exciting to be in pro wrestling, it’s an especially exciting time to be in Ring of Honor,” Martinez said to Fight Booth PW.

“We pride ourselves in being the best professional wrestling company. We go out every match, every show, everybody on the roster goes out to try to put on the best performance possible.”

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With Punishment Martinez being 36 years of age, if reports on him joining WWE turn out to be true, will WWE look at him as a valuable asset to the company, or will they have little interest in him as a top star? Other wrestlers of similar ages have had mixed success since journeying to the world’s top wrestling promotion, with Shinsuke Nakamura entrenched near the top of the roster but performers like Bobby Roode mired in the mid-card.