WWE NXT UK recap for April 10, 2019: Toni! Toni! Toni!

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A win for Ohno? Oh, no

Travis Banks and Kassius Ohno, two wrestlers who are not British, go one-on-one to prove which of them is more British. Banks claims to have looked up to Ohno in the past, but cannot abide by this new attitude of his. You’re allowed to wrestle in Britain without having critically thought about the mechanics of every Terry Rudge match. It’s 2019, the laws have been changed for years.

Ohno calls himself a “Wrestling Genius,” yet cannot seem to solve the equation of beating a reputable opponent. That’s really what drove him to NXT UK in the first place, right? It became clear that he couldn’t hang in NXT with the Keith Lees and Matt Riddles of the world (let alone the Velveteen Dreams, Johnny Garganos and Tommaso Ciampas).

Now, he’s so focused on defeating Banks in a way that shows how wise and “British” he is, he forgets to actually defeat Banks. Banks’ resiliency and willingness to absorb punishment frustrates Ohno to no end. He’s bigger than Banks, stronger, smarter — he’s stayed up many a night studying the British greats on grainy VHS tapes acquired from shady second-hand websites. Hell, he’s even wrestled with some of those greats. What if all that doesn’t matter, though; what if he’s just not good enough anymore?

Distracted by his own single-mindedness, Ohno leaves enough room for Banks to gain three separate pin attempts on him, the last leading to a three-count. Turns out, there’s some skill involved in this whole wrestling thing, too.