Snowpiercer’s Steven Ogg talks Trevor Philips and Simon’s career impact

Snowpiercer’s Steven Ogg spoke to FanSided about the equal impact Trevor Philips and Simon both had on his acting career and that he found out Scott M. Gimple was a fan of GTA V.

Steven Ogg plays Pike in the upcoming TNT TV series adaption of Snowpiercer. Catching up with Ogg during a roundtable interview at New York Comic Con, he told FanSided about how he believes both Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips and The Walking Dead’s Simon had an equal hand in getting him recognition as an actor.

“It’s pretty wild what people gravitate towards and recognize you from,” Ogg said. “So it all helps, that’s for sure!”

The Walking Dead fans will enjoy a fun tidbit that none other than former TWD showrunner, current TWD Chief Content Officer, and usually very serious figure Scott M. Gimple was a fan of GTA V before Ogg came on board the series. Gimple should really do a playthrough on YouTube or Twitch with Ogg. It would make for some must-see entertainment.

Ogg did not learn Gimple was a GTA V fan until much later after being cast on TWD. So if you’re wondering, there was no special treatment to skip the formal audition process. However, Negan’s former second-in-command believes having Trevor Philips on his resume certainly didn’t hurt his chances for the audition. After all, Ogg’s outstanding portrayal as Trevor Philips was a major part of what made GTA V the behemoth it is today.

Although Ogg cannot pinpoint if Trevor Philips or Simon had a bigger impact on getting recognition as an actor, he feels every role you do can enhance your chances. Every role itself is an audition for future opportunities in the industry. Ogg is not caught up about losing Simon, by the way, Walking Dead fans. He joked that he had a good two-year run!

Watch FanSided’s video interview with Steven Ogg or read the transcript below: [Nir Regev]: Steven, to me you’re one of the most underrated actors and it’s great to see you’re getting more and more high profile roles like you should be. I’m curious, do you consider Trevor Philips or Simon to be the role that made you get recognized and have the industry take notice and appreciate your talent?

Steven Ogg: Obviously, the videogame brought more people recognizing… I mean, they both didn’t hurt! They’re pretty large visible projects so they both helped. Scott M. Gimple was a fan of the videogame, so that certainly got his eyes open to me. You know every project, every job helps.

Is that how you two connected originally? Scott played GTA V and heard your voice?

No, I auditioned for the role but after we talked about it and I knew he was a fan of it. So yeah, you never really know with that stuff! Have you seen HBO’s Chernobyl? The writer/producer on that, he was a fan of GTA, like we’ve been wanting to work together. It’s pretty wild what people gravitate towards and recognize you from. So it all helps, that’s for sure!

I was so disappointed when Negan killed Simon back on The Walking Dead. He was one of my favorites!

Meh! I had a good two years! Thank you!

Snowpiercer will arrive on TNT in spring 2020. Alongside Steven Ogg (Pike) in the video interview above was friendly Broadway actress Lena Hall [Kinky Boots] who plays Miss Audrey/Sayori in the upcoming series. Joining Ogg and Hall on TNT’s Snowpiercer are cast members Jennifer Connelly, Sheila Vand, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner, and Alison Wright to name a few.