Ice Cold Tkachuk: Did Matthew Tkachuk just score the greatest goal of all time?


Ice Cold Takes is a weekly humor column focused on what is trending around the NHL. If you are a fan of Matthew Tkachuk, this column is specifically for you.

This is a goal you’ll be seeing a lot of this season. With less than two seconds left in overtime, Calgary Flames star Matthew Tkachuk decided to make a very hard shot impossible by throwing his stick between his legs and roofing the puck past Nashville’s Pekka Rinne.

Stupid. Just stupid. To corral this puck with a stick between the legs at full speed and shelf it to score the game winning goal with 1.5 seconds left in overtime is nonsense. It should be illegal. There are a lot of “goal of the year” candidates that float around on a monthly basis but nothing is touching this. Nothing.

Watch this, then watch it again, then watch it in slow motion. The more you see this goal, the more impressive it gets:

The New York Hockey Islanders

Don’t look now, but the Islanders have won seven straight games! They’ve slid into third place in the ice cream division while everyone else has been focused on Ovi and the Capitals. The Islanders went from 1-3 to 8-3 and look like they might end up right back where they left off last season (minus the sweep). Instead of focusing on that, though, let’s take another look at Matthew Tkachuk’s goal.

Wow, that is incredible! Tkachuk is the son of former NHL talent Keith Tkachuk, who collected 1065 points in 1201 career NHL games. Not a single one of his 538 goals were as nice as Matthew’s, though. He played until 2010, which is kind of crazy considering that doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. Wow, we’re getting old.

Hockey Halloween

There were a huge amount of incredible Halloween costumes around the NHL this week. It seems as though no one can match this league when it comes to costume creativity. From awesome, to scary, to downright strange. None were as spooky as the ghosts Pekka Rinne was seeing after Matthew Tkachuk scored this incredible goal on him last night.

You can get right into the NHL’s best Halloween costumes by clicking on THIS LINK, which leads to a full post about the best of the best NHL costumes. I’ll give you a minute to check them out and come back.

Sike! (or Psych, if you’re proper). That was another link to Tkachuk’s incredible goal. The NHL Halloween costume post is linked at the end of this column.

Brady Tkachuk

If you loyal readers thought “Wow, hockey really runs in the family” after I told you about Keith Tkachuk, wait until you hear this. Matthew Tkachuk also has a brother who plays in the NHL!

Well, sort of. He plays for the Ottawa Senators, which hardly counts, but still, Brady has a very promising future as one of the league’s top, young talents. We’ll have to wait and see if his talents include scoring RIDICULOUS goals like this one:

Step it up, Brady. You’re supposed to be the better brother. Actually, Brady isn’t doing too bad, with three goals and three assists through the Sens first 11 games. Decent stats considering he’s playing on an AHL team led by Mark Borowiecki, Ron Hainsey and an owner who is more dumb cartoon villain than human (in both looks and actions).

Six degrees of Tkachuk

By now, you can see where the focus of this column is. Let’s take it a step further. Matthew Tkachuk scored this amazing goal against the Nashville Predators. Nashville is the home of many country music stars, including Martina McBride. McBride’s husband, John McBride, once went to a St. Louis Blues game in the early 2000’s, where he met Keith Tkachuk after the game. Remember, Tkachuk’s goal came with 1.5 seconds left in the game. John and Keith met again, exactly 1.5 years later at a gala in New York. Guess who else was at that Gala: Puff Daddy. Mr. Daddy (now just Diddy) was at the event with his good friend and body-guard Larry Goodman. Goodman eventually moved to Calgary, where he opened a security firm. His firm, still running today, works events for the Calgary Flames and his son Larry Jr. is best friend with no other than… Matthew Tkachuk.

Absolutely none of that is true, but the goal was incredible, wasn’t it? Let’s watch it again.

What a goal.

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