Martellus Bennett gets philosophical at a New Orleans foot massage


There is only one way to get ready to watch a national championship. Get a foot massage with Martellus Bennett and philosophize on life and other things.

When you’re a champion, as in a Super Bowl champion, you know how important it is to get ready for a big game. For former tight end Martellus Bennett, the key to unlocking your body and mind in preparation for a big game is a good foot massage.

Wait, what?

“If the feet go, then the knees go, then the hips go, then the abs go, then the neck goes,” Bennett told FanSided’s Mark Carman. “Next thing you know, your head is on your toes.”

Point taken.

Bennett spoke with Carm ahead of the national championship down in New Orleans on behalf of Dos Equis. After asking fans on Bourbon Street about their thoughts ahead of the big game, Bennett found a spa and waxed philosophical to Carm in an effort to prove to him that a good foot rub is all you need to get a new perspective on life.

“There is no way to create new energy. So when energy leaves someone’s body, it has to find a place to go, whether that’s a plant, whether that’s a tree, whether that’s another being or an animal. I believe that people transfer energy to different places.”

Bennett believes he’s always been a warrior, whether it’s in this life or a past one.

“I believe I was a Japanese samurai [in a past life].”

Bennett has always had a fascination with Japan, and even went as far as to have a spiritual awakening there.

“The 30,000 steps in Japan were different from the 30,000 steps on the field, the direction and where I was going. The 30,000 steps felt like they mattered more.”

Who knew that to find inner peace and obtain a higher level of consciousness, all we needed to do was to sit back and enjoy a little foot massage.

Martellus Bennett spoke with FanSided on behalf of the Dos Equis.

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