Super Bowl 54: 8 of the most-anticipated commercials we can’t wait to see

Missy Elliott X H.E.R. Pepsi Zero Sugar for the Super Bowl / Pepsi
Missy Elliott X H.E.R. Pepsi Zero Sugar for the Super Bowl / Pepsi /

Super Bowl 54 will be airing on Feb. 2, and while not everyone is a fan of sports, a lot of people are a fan of the commercials. Here are some of the most -anticipated commercials for this year’s Super Bowl.

Every year we get another exciting Super Bowl, and every year the commercials seem to get worse and worse. However, the hype for this year’s commercials gives us hope for their quality this year. As usual, a lot of brands have posted teasers for their commercials (what a world we live in). And some of those teasers got us really excited for this year’s ads.

Some of them are celebrity-filled, some of them are heartwarming, and others are just hard to describe — all of which make a perfect Super Bowl ad, by the way. So here’s a look at eight of the most-anticipated ads we can’t wait to see during Super Bowl 54.

1. Dirty Laundry – Tide

In this teaser trailer for the Tide commercial, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast members Charlie Day and Emily Hampshire sort through their actually dirty laundry. Hampshire questions Day’s obsession with Walts, as every shirt he pulls out seems to have their branding on it. And Hampshire discusses the fact that she shrunk her husband’s sweater and now they’re divorced.

We’re not completely sure what’s in store for the actual commercial that’ll be airing during the Super Bowl, but this teaser was enough to make us want to see more. Honestly, Charlie Day and Emily Hampshire could do anything and we would still want to watch it.

2. Loretta- Google

This isn’t a teaser for a commercial, but the actual commercial. Though it’s likely that Google could play either a longer version of it, or another commercial with the same tone/concept. Super Bowl commercials fall into three categories: hilarious, empowering, and heartbreaking. Loretta is heartbreaking in the most heartfelt of ways.

Loretta features an elderly man talking to his Google devices. He asks it to show him pictures of him and Loretta and tells it to “remember” things about Loretta. It feels like he’s talking to Google like it’s an old friend. You’re going to need tissues for this one.

3. Be The One – Microsoft

Katie Sowers is an offensive assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers and the first female coach in the NFL. In this commercial, she talks about how she wants to be the best coach, not the best female coach.

These types of commercials, the ones that are empowering (especially for women) are so important to television. There’s a moment in the commercial where someone can be heard saying that they’re so proud their daughter is alive to see this. Sowers goes on to say that there only needs to be one woman to come forward before other women follow, which is where the Be the One title comes from.

4. Whassup Again – Budweiser/Uber

In probably one of the funniest commercials on this list, powered by nostalgia, Budweiser and Uber bring back the “Whassup” commercial. This teaser trailer shows a bunch of smart home devices all saying “whassup” to each other. (They’re all unbranded because this isn’t a collaboration with Amazon or Google.)

At the end of the teaser, the owner of the apartment comes home and grabs a case of Budweiser off the table. He looks at his phone to see that his Uber is arriving. The screen says, “Find out whassup on game night.”

5. RIPeanut – Planters

In what’s probably one of the strangest teaser trailers to come out so far, Mr. Peanut has died. Before his death, Mr. Peanut could be seen going on a road trip with Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes in the Nutmobile. They hit a snag and are thrown over the edge of a cliff.

The three dangle from a slowly breaking branch. The two humans debate on which one should let go. Mr. Peanut tips his hat and lets go, dying in an explosion when he hits the ground. Not only a strange teaser, but a strange lead-in to whatever’s going to happen on game night. Guess we’ll see!

6. Make Space For Women – Olay

In this Olay campaign, astronaut Nicole Stott takes Lilly Singh and Busy Philipps into space with the help of Taraji P. Henson and Katie Couric.

This campaign is not only a commercial during the Super Bowl but also a Twitter event. For every tweet with the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen, Olay will donate $1 to Girls Who Code, an organization that supports female empowerment for young women. We can’t wait to see where the space mission takes these women during the Super Bowl.

7. Zero Sugar. Done Right. – Pepsi

This teaser trailer for Pepsi Zero Sugar features Missy Elliot and H.E.R.. The two stars cover The Rolling Stones song “Paint It, Black” while everything changes from red to black.

At the beginning of the teaser, everyone is dressed in red holding cans that say, “Cola” which couldn’t be a nod to anything other than Coke. When Elliot and H.E.R. start singing, the cans, clothes, walls, and everything starts to turn black. We’ll have to tune into the Super Bowl to see their full performance.

8. The Hype – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

This commercial, directed by Michael Bay, is supposed to be a full-blown action movie set inside of a commercial. It’s also been stated that it’s going to play right before Jennifer Lopez’s halftime show. Maybe it’s a lead-in?

As the commercial with feature Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Pitbull, and DJ Khaled, it’s likely that there will be some kind of lead into J. Lo’s performance right after. The teaser shows J. Lo putting on lipgloss in a mirror when her diamond bedazzled cup is stolen from behind her.

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Which commercial are you looking forward to seeing the most? Are you a fan of the sentimental, the hilarious, or the inspiring? Either way, the commercials look actually fun this year, and we can’t wait to see how they turn out.