Super Bowl 54: Prop bet pool sheets

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will collide in Super Bowl 54 at Miami. Props to those who want to put a few dollars down on these bets.

It will be two young quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo go head to head in the first Super Bowl in three seasons that doesn’t Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. For the Chiefs, this is the first time they’be been in the championship game since beating the Vikings in Super Bowl 4, while the 49ers are only seven years removed from their Super Bowl 47 loss to the Ravens.

The Niners will be leaning on their running game and defensive prowess to carrying them as head coach Kyle Shanahan will attempt to contain Patrick Mahomes and the explosive Chiefs offense. It won’t be a cakewalk for Mahomes who will be facing the league’s best pass defense that also includes two premium pass rushers in Joey Bosa and Arik Armstead.

Yes, there will be plenty of money bet on the outcome of the game in terms of the point spread and the over/under (54.5). But what about those prop bets? The staff at have put together quite the comprehensive list.

So who will be the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl 54? Obviously, Mahomes (+115) is the favorite having torched the Texans and Titans on his way to leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl since 1970. It’s also worth noting that a quarterback has been named Super Bowl MVP on 29 occasions. How about Travis Kelce grabbing the honors? In 53 previous Super Bowls, a tight end has never been named the contest’s Most Valuable Player.

Which team will win the coin toss? Will it be heads or tails? What about which team scores first and who scores the first touchdown of the game. But just when you thought those were pretty mundane, there are some fascinating options.

How many times will the broadcast mention how many teams passed on Mahomes? How long will it take for Demi Lovato to sing the U.S. National Anthem? There are even long-range bets asking whether the winning team will eventually visit the White House.

For specific prop bets, Action Network put together the following printable list of prop bets:

1. What will be the result of the coin toss? Heads/Tails

2. What will be the length of the National Anthem? Over/Under 123.5 seconds

3. Who will score the first TD of the game? FILL IN THE BLANK

4. How many total yards will Raheem Mostert’s first rush go for? FILL IN THE BLANK

5. How many individual players will have a reception for the Chiefs? FILL IN THE BLANK

6. Will Jimmy Garoppolo complete his first pass attempt? Yes/No

7. How many total touchdowns will Patrick Mahomes have (Pass, Rec, Rush)? Over/Under 2.5

8. How many combined receiving yards will Travis Kelce and George Kittle have? Over/Under 149.5

9. Which team will have the longest TD scored in the game (by yards)?

10. Will either team be trailing by 10 points or more in the 4th quarter? Yes/No

Tiebreaker: How many combined total yards will the Chiefs and 49ers have in Super Bowl 54?

All of that makes for what should be an exciting and high-scoring Super Bowl. And once again lots of money will be changing hands on Super Sunday by both football fans and even though not really interested in the outcome of the game.