The 2020 Best Picture Oscar nominees as cocktails

Tod & Vixen's Dry Gin Negroni 1651 / KLG
Tod & Vixen's Dry Gin Negroni 1651 / KLG /
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Cutwater Mai Tai / KLG
Cutwater Mai Tai / KLG /

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Cutwater Mai Tai

The Cutwater Mai Tai is beautifully branded — those colors! that can! — but ultimately complex, overpowering and awfully artificial. An anonymous FanSided employee described it as tasting like high school, or college which, of course, speaks to nostalgia.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is also beautiful — a truly aces recreation of 1969 Los Angeles — but can also be described as overpowering and artificial. It’s not really complex, but it is very extra and very into its own brand of nostalgia.

At the end of the day, one is more recommendable than the other. We’ll let you guess which.


  • 1 can of Cutwater Mai Tai


  • Open can.
  • Drink.

Jojo Rabbit – Cutwater Whiskey Bourbon Mule

Not bad, but also not a winner.

The mule element is the real determining factor for whether you will like this canned cocktail; similarly, I’ll venture a guess your mileage on Jojo Rabbit will be determined by those German accents and/or the Hitler of it all.


  • Open can.
  • Drink.

Little Women – Cutwater Elderflower Spritz

What a refreshing, light and utterly delightful treat. The Elderflower Vodka Spritz isn’t trying to do too much, it has a simple flavor story to tell and it tells it very well.

Just like the total pleasure that is Little Women. To see a movie that was, simply, thoroughly enjoyable and blessedly stress-free, with great performances, lovely cinematography and kind and innovative direction can also be described as a refreshing and utterly delightful treat.


  • Open can.
  • Drink.