Ice Cold Takes: The Flyers are soaring, NHL needs to officially adopt tricycle jousting


Ice Cold Takes is a weekly humor column focused on what is trending around the NHL. Writing about Philadelphia two columns in a row sucks, but this team refuses to lose.

There are four teams in the NHL that have won at least eight of their last ten games. The league-leading Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues, the rejuvenated Vegas Golden Knights and… wait, what? The Philadelphia Flyers?

The Flyers have been the hottest team in the NHL as of late, picking up important wins over the Carolina Hurricanes, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers (2) and Columbus Blue Jackets (2). They’ve won eight straight, all important games, games that they have to win against teams that they are supposed to beat if they want to be a legitimate threat.

Guess what? They are a legitimate threat. The Flyers are looking like one of the more dangerous teams in the NHL at the right time. There is no other team more poised to take on the “team we don’t want to see early in the playoffs” role. They’re also having a lot of fun along the way.

Kevin Hayes

There may not be a player in the NHL who has as much fun as Flyers forward Kevin Hayes. Hockey is the hardest sport for athletes establishing personal identities but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single person on Earth who doesn’t love Kevin Hayes.

This team is fast, fun and they’ve won eight straight games. They are tied for first place in the Metropolitan division and seem to be poised for a playoff run. Despite losing James Van Riemsdyk for the next four to six weeks to a broken hand, absolutely everything is going right for this team.

What the hell was that?

In the past, you’ve probably hated the Flyers. Most people do. The Metro has been dominated by the Penguins and Capitals for too long, though, and personally, I’m sick of seeing those two teams on top. The Flyers also have Travis Konecny. How? Just… how?

Bobby Ryan

One of the more heartwarming stories to come out of the NHL recently is Bobby Ryan’s comeback journey. The 32-year-old Ryan recently returned to the Ottawa Senators line up and despite literally everything else going on in Ottawa, provided us with one of the best stories of this NHL season.

Ryan spent the last three months in the NHL and NHLPA’s substance abuse program, battling alcohol addiction. In his first game back with the Senators, he scored a hat trick.

You can’t write these kinds of stories. Ryan has been the butt of many jokes, given his untouchable seven-year, $50 million contract and a lack of production to go with it. If he can prove to be productive in his return, he can be a valuable asset to a team of up-and-comers like the Sens, or a seasoned veteran to a playoff contender in the future. This is the turning point Ryan needed.


No need to explain this one. There was a tricycle joust at a Vegas Golden Knights game the other day and we’re going to need this to happen in every arena from now until the end of time. Please and thank you.

The f**k-it Ducks

They have nothing to win for, might as well up that body count on their way to basement-dwelling again.

What the hell, right? It’s not like Anaheim is going anywhere any time soon. They’ve been bad for a few seasons, were deadline sellers and are going to have a few more rough years before the rebuild is established. They might as well have some fun.

Hopefully, they can get it together before the next Mighty Ducks series comes out on Disney+. That’s right, they are rebooting hockey’s second favorite franchise! This time, Gordon Bombay’s Mighty Ducks will be the antagonist while a “ragtag team of misfits” will challenge them. Wait. So the actual Anaheim Ducks will be the protagonist?

Dog video with no relation to the NHL

Since New York Rangers forward Mika Zibanejad went off for five goals, including the overtime winner against the Washington Capitals last night, I should talk about how incredible a performance that was. Everyone else is already doing that, though, so here is a dog video with no relation to the NHL.

light. Trending. Which NHL wild card team should I cheer for?

Keep your head up.