Even coronavirus can’t stop LeBron James’ Taco Tuesday

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images /

The world may be on lockdown because of the novel coronavirus pandemic but if it’s Tuesday, LeBron James is still celebrating Taco Tuesday.

In these trying times, with the rhythms of daily life so thoroughly interrupted by the novel coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to stick to routines whenever and wherever it can be done safely. Maybe that means still getting out for your morning run, six feet away from any other pedestrians, of course. Or making sure to call mom on Sunday night and catch up on the week.

In the James’ household, no ritual is more sacred than Taco Tuesdays and LeBron wants the world to know his family isn’t letting go of this one yet.


I hope I’m not the only one staring at LeBron’s tacos and wondering why they don’t look like that when I make them.

LeBron has posting regularly on social media about Taco Tuesdays for long enough that his eating habits have become a part of our routines (like when he missed a week this summer and Twitter melted down). He even tried to file a trademark for Taco Tuesday this fall but was shut down by the U.S. Patent Office. In addition to treating himself yesterday, the LeBron James Family Foundation arranged to provide tacos to more than 340 students and families at the I Promise School they help fund in Akron, OH. The plan is to repeat this next week as well.

Making tacos isn’t the only shenanigans going on the James’ household these days. They’re working on their Tik Tok dance moves while Bronny James gets his hair blown out like a 1950s R&B singer. And, of course, if you can’t get enough of The King these days, make sure to check out our LeBron James FAQ, answering all the big questions like, where does he rank among the greats? How much does he make?  And what’s up with his bald spot?

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