Over and Back: Reacting to episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance

Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images
Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images /

A new Over and Back podcast reacts to episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance, ESPN’s documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1998 NBA champion Chicago Bulls.

The Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast has a new episode, reacting to the two newest episodes of ESPN’s The Last Dance.

Topics discussed on this show include:

  • “People don’t really know Dennis Rodman”
  • Bulls begin season 8-7 — Phil Jackson and Michael criticize Rodman’s effort. Rodman admits he’s not motivated. Rodman went to Jordan’s room and asked for a cigar. His way of letting him know he screwed up.
  • Rodman’s college mascot was the “Savages”
  • Rodman was simple/naive when going to the Pistons
  • Took him two or three years to figure out rebounding and defense were his forte
  • “You don’t put a saddle on a mustang.”
  • Gary Payton: Rodman was “the f— up person. He just f—s everything up.”
  • 1993: Rodman brought a gun into his car in the arena.
  • Traded to Spurs, blond and red hair, and relationship with Madonna. “You have to establish who you want to be.”
  • Jerry Krause was reluctant to sign Rodman but Jim Stack talked him into it — would respect Phil, MJ and Scottie Pippen.
  • Phil awful first meeting with Rodman. “I don’t care. Whatever. What’s up.”
  • Rodman did a lot of studying
  • Bulls 1998: Leading East at 24-11
  • Jordan sick of talking about the final year.
  • Jordan’s “Sniff Brothers”
  • Craig Sager gives Rodman $20
  • Pippen returns after 35 games — Rodman gets lost a little bit because he’s not needed. More drinking/partying.
  • “I’d play the games for free. You get paid for the bullshit.”
  • Dennis tells Jordan: “I need a vacation.” 48 hours in Vegas. — best part of the doc so far
  • Jordan vs. Pistons
  • Bulls hire Doug Collins before 1987 seasons
  • Jordan: Collins was a “great guy to play for”
  • Jordan: “I’m not going to let you lose your first game.” Scores 50 in MSG.
  • Michael and Doug kiss and make up
  • Start rivalry with Detroit
  • Prince “Party Man” w/clips of Jordan being awesome
  • Bulls and Cavs are rising teams in East – 1989. Cavs were 6-0 in regular season.
  • Jordan missed FT in G4.
  • Jordan tells the beat writers “we take care of you” tonight
  • Game 5: “They had Craig Ehlo on me at the time. Which honestly… was a mistake…” Should have been Harper.
  • Got over the hump of loser’s mentality
  • Pistons felt the NBA wanted Jordan to win and they were in the way
  • Jordan Rules. “Have to stop him before he takes flight.” Hit him when he gets in the paint.

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