Patrick Mahomes golfing with Michael Jordan is a sports fever dream

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ready to hit the links with Michael Jodan, Steph Curry and Phil Mickelson.

Patrick Mahomes has already conquered the NFL, winning a league MVP, a Lombardi Trophy and a Super Bowl MVP in two seasons as a starter. And for his next trick?

How about potentially playing a round of golf with Michael Jodan, Steph Curry and Phil Mickelson?

Just last week, action-starved sports fans were treated to “The Match,” which featured Tom Brady and Peyton Manning playing 18 holes of golf with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The entire event was put together to raise money for charity and it succeeded, generating $20 million.

The event was incredibly entertaining. The foursome wore microphones throughout the contest and so viewers were treated to their friendly banter. Even the announcers were able to communicate with the golfers during the competition which led to some pretty hilarious trash-talking between Brady and Charles Barkley.

After the event, Mickelson told the Los Angeles Times that he’d like to make the outing an annual event and he specifically singled out, Mahomes, Curry, and “His Airness.”

Patrick Mahomes and Michael Jordan in The Match would be incredible

“I think you could showcase guys like Steph Curry and Michael Jordan or Tony Romo and Patrick Mahomes, who are all good golfers, elite talents, and have great personalities. Those personalities are going to come out with this event. Or you could have someone who loves the game and is competitive but is really entertaining like Larry David and Bill Murray. I think that could shine.”

Mahomes got a heads up to Mickelson’s suggestion and tweeted that he is on board.

My God, can you imagine Mahomes, Jordan and Curry all on the course at the same time?

The amount of swagger coming from those three would be so high it might be like looking straight into the sun or hell, even seeing the face of God. Poor Mickelson is one of the greatest golfers ever and he might come in fourth place just because he would be so damn intimidated by the other three it would throw off his game.

Curry would drop a hole-in-one and shimmy in Mickelson’s face. Mahomes would drive the ball off the tee and onto the green on a par 5 because of his ridiculous arm strength. Jordan would close his eyes, stick his tongue out and sink a 50-foot putt. Then Mickelson’s face would melt like when the Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones.

Throw in Bill Murray and the Monstars might even show up.

We’re all for this. Send out the contracts.