There’s going to be an NHL cooking show, because 2020 is a thing

Robin Lehner, Vegas Golden Knights, NHL. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Robin Lehner, Vegas Golden Knights, NHL. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The NHL is dishing out some variety content during the season pause with a new cooking show.

Since the NHL went on hiatus in mid-March due to the coronavirus, the league has been putting together extra content for fans to enjoy during this time off. Previously, the league had players compete in NHL 20 tournaments and Fortnite events, to varying degrees of success.

In the month of June, however, the league is busting out a whole new genre of entertainment for fans, in the form of a cooking show. On Wednesday, the league will premiere “Skates & Plates” on NBCSN and Sportsnet, wherein a celebrity chef will teach one hockey star how to cook a specific dish remotely from the comfort of home.

In the first episode, chef Ludo Lefebvre will teach Nashville Predators forward Nick Bonino how to make steak Diane and pommes frites, while the second episode will see chef Marc Forgione lend aid to New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba on a dish from his famous restaurant in the city.

“Skates & Plates” is a new NHL cooking show set to debut this week

While not an absurd concept on its own — as cooking shows are an incredibly popular genre — the fact that the league is branching out into this one for even just a handful of episodes is bizarre. Of all things that have come out of the league’s season pause, a cooking show was not one that I expected to be talking about in early June.

However, it does kind of make sense. Much like video games, where some players spend their free time playing Fortnite or NHL 20, some hockey players also likely spend their free time cooking. Given the reception of the NHL’s other ventures during this season pause, it’s hard to say just how well this one will be received, or if it’ll go anywhere at all, but hey at least there’s potential for a few fun moments of hockey players trying not to burn down their houses accidentally.

But by the looks of that promo from the league, Bonino is already on thin ice.

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