15 best tweets about USC football welcoming back Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Reggie Bush. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

After 10 years, USC football has welcomed Reggie Bush back with open arms.

It’s been a long decade for USC football and former Trojans star Reggie Bush.

On June 10, 2010, USC disassociated itself from its former star running back. USC underwent sanctions from Bush receiving improper benefits as an upperclassmen, culminating in vacated wins, scholarship reductions and Bush having to vacate his 2005 Heisman Trophy. The latter had never happened before, but June 10, 2020 is a monumental day in college football.

Late on Tuesday night, news got out that USC was expected to end its disassociation with Bush the following day on the 10-year anniversary of the much-maligned implementation. 2017 NCAA legislation mandated that a disassociation couldn’t last more than 10 years, so this contributed mightily in USC welcoming Bush back with open arms.

On Wednesday morning, USC football tweeted out Bush being back as a member of its family.

Naturally, the entire college football world rejoiced something that was so painfully long overdue. With name, image and likeness legislation coming down the pipeline in major college athletics, it may be only a matter of time before Bush has his Heisman Trophy rightfully returned to him. He is the “baddest” college football player any of us have ever seen before after all.

Twitter reacts to Reggie Bush being welcomed back by USC after 10 years.

Twitter is giving us a lot of the same thoughts regarding Bush’s return to the USC family. People though the disassociation was stupid to begin with, let alone having him vacate his Heisman Trophy, which Twitter also wants to have back in Bush’s hands. There’s also a good bit of people mentioning how much USC profited off Bush’s name, image and likeness during his time at USC.

Bush is back in the good graces of USC and college football is so, so much better for it.

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