Jessie Magdaleno gets win via DQ over Yenifel Vicente in odd bout

Jessie Magdaleno punches Yenifel Vicente. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images)
Jessie Magdaleno punches Yenifel Vicente. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images) /

The Top Rank boxing card on ESPN started with a bang, but the main event between Jessie Magdaleno vs. Yenifel Vicente ended in disappointment.

Boxing had a lukewarm return on Tuesday, June 9, according to T.V. ratings, but the action on Thursday, June 11 was electric at times, yet odd towards the end. Featherweights Jessie Magdaleno (28-1, 18 KOs) and Yenifel Vicente (36-5-2, 28 KOs) headlined the Top Rank on ESPN card in a bout that was filled with fouls and drama.

The night started hot with a nonstop boxing brawl between featherweights Adam Lopez (14-2, 6 KOs) and Luis Coria (12-3, 7 KOs). Coria punished Lopez in the first two rounds, but Lopez found his groove in a rough and tough 10-rounder that went the distance with Lopez winning by majority decision.

The main event between former WBO super bantamweight champion Magdaleno and Vicente was a mess, but one that was curious enough to keep you watching and wondering what could happen next.

Magdaleno vs. Vicente ebbed but never flowed. There were moments of energy, absurdity and monotony.  Unfortunately, there was more of the last two elements than the first.

In round 1, Magdaleno’s skills looked lightyears ahead of Vicente’s. Magdaleno came out aggressively, but then strategically shifted to being a counterpuncher on the outside. His game plan paid off as he caught Vicente with a lead right hook to the top of the head that dropped him.

Vicente got to his feet and didn’t appear hurt. He made it through the round.

In round 2, Magdaleno was content boxing on the outside and didn’t push the pace. He won the round but showed a lack of aggression that hampered him throughout the fight.

Things got exceedingly strange in round 4. Vicente swung wildly with his punches that missed most of the time. His sloppiness got him into trouble as he hit Magdaleno with a low blow. Magdaleno dropped his hands, and referee Robert Byrd called a break, but Vicente ignored his command and hit a defenseless Magdaleno with a right to the head that hurt and dropped Magdaleno.

For a minute, it didn’t look like Magdaleno would be able to recover, but he eventually got to his feet and fought on. Vicente lost two points for his transgressions. Then, he once again caught Magdaleno low and was deducted a third point.

The next round, Magdaleno timed Vicente charging in with another right hook that dropped him for the second time of the fight. It wasn’t enough to keep Vicente down, as he made it to his feet and survived the round.

Inexplicably, Magdaleno let Vicente off the hook. For the next several rounds, he danced around on the outside, scored, but never looked like he was hungry for a knockout. Vicente has talent, but he’s not a top contender. had him rated has the 40th-best featherweight coming into the fight.

Magdaleno never looked comfortable after round 5 and seemed content to cruise to a points win. However, Vicente was determined to implode in the midst of defeat.

In round 10, Vicente once again egregiously hit Magdaleno low. Byrd took another point away. Moments later, he went low, and Byrd simply waved his hands and announced the fight was over. Finally, Vicente was disqualified for repeated illegal punches.

Magdaleno won, but he didn’t prove to fans that he has what it takes to seriously challenge any of the featherweight titleholders. Vicente convinced all who viewed the contest that he’s one of the dirtiest fighters in boxing. He damaged his reputation and his career with his disgraceful performance.

During the post-fight interview, Magdaleno simply summed up Vicente’s performance.

“He was just a dirty fighter,” said Magdaleno to ESPN.

ESPN’s fight card started off with a thrill and ended with a head-scratcher. Magdaleno needs a signature win if he wants a title shot. This wasn’t the fight he needed to further his career.

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