People can’t help but meme the PlayStation 5 console reveal

PlayStation 5. Via Sony Interactive Entertainment.
PlayStation 5. Via Sony Interactive Entertainment. /

Sony revealed the look of the new PlayStation 5, and of course there are memes.

Thursday’s reveal of the look of the PlayStation 5 was a highly anticipated event for fans of video games. Sony delivered on that front during their one hour long PlayStation 5 reveal event, which gave us a look at the games that will grace its platform in the years to come, but also gave us a look at what the box itself looks like.

In April, Sony revealed our first look at the PS5 controller, a white and black hybrid that looked similar to something that Xbox would offer. That had fans wondering, would the PS5 be a primarily white-based console? And turns out, they were right!

At the end of the stream, Sony gave us a full overview of what the PS5 will look like when it ships out later this year.

The PlayStation 5 got fans going with some great memes.

It’s a radical departure from Sony’s previous all-black, straight-edged boxes of the past. Personally, I like the wavy, futuristic design, though it’s primary color being white throws off my perfectly curated black aesthetic of my gaming setup.

But of course, with console reveals come memes, and the people did not disappoint when it came down to memeing on the look of the PS5.

According to fans, the PlayStation 5 looks like anything from a wifi router, to a Pokemon to other memes. They are, of course, correct in their analysis, as these are spectacular memes and do very much look exactly like the things they’re describing.

Fans didn’t hold back on their comparisons to other current consoles as well, with the Xbox Series X fridge meme being resurrected in comparison to the PS5’s mid-2000s wifi router look. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t get off easy as well, with one Twitter user calling it a toaster.

God bless video game fans, and god bless memes.

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