Tom Brady responds to Julian Edelman welcoming Cam Newton to Patriots

Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, New England Patriots. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, New England Patriots. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady knows he’ll always be Julian Edelman’s favorite quarterback.

Julian Edelman might have a new quarterback, but Tom Brady doesn’t care.

The New England Patriots will have a completely different look to them for the first time in years. Brady left Foxborough after 20 years of marriage to the Evil Empire. He left Edelman, head coach Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots organization behind, as he brought with him Rob Gronkowski to all the sunshine of the Florida Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After a spring of great confusion, Edelman doesn’t have to worry about who will be throwing him the ball any more. It won’t be veteran journeyman Brian Hoyer, nor will it end up being Jarrett Stidham. The Patriots signed former NFL MVP Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers on Sunday evening. So yes, you could say Edelman is excited about that.

He’s so excited in fact that he shared this photo on his Instagram on Tuesday with he and Newton playing together in New England uniform. Guess who showed up to leave a comment? The greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady. That’s who. “I will always be your No. 1”

Tom Brady will always be No. 1 in Julian Edelman’s heart, no matter what!

Newton may be a new, shiny and exciting toy for Edelman on the blandest offense in the league, but we all know who is responsible for him having a borderline Pro Football Hall of Fame career on the postseason alone. Brady has made so many players’ careers, it’s borderline unfathomable. Outside of a handful of players, how many will end up joining him in Canton one day, honestly?

While Brady will have a ton of fun under the sun with Gronkowski, Bruce Arians and company in Tampa Bay, he may catch a Patriots game or two and see his buddy Edelman having some fun playing alongside Newton in Foxborough. Too bad Brady and the Tompa Bay Gronkaneers will have too much fun winning to really even care all that much about what’s going on up in Foxborough.

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However, the Patriots adding Newton gives New England more life to having postseason possibilities. It is no longer a foregone conclusion the Buffalo Bills are winning the AFC East crown in 2020. New England has a great defense and has a former NFL MVP now playing quarterback for them. It could be yet another home playoff game for the Evil Empire this upcoming winter.

While Newton is new, Brady knows Edelman misses him terribly up in New England.