Philip Rivers found a fatal flaw in the NFL’s COVID strategy

Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers, (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers, (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

Philip Rivers posed a great question to the NFL about their COVID protocol.

As the NFL season gets closer, questions are being raised about the protocol that will be in effect when games begin. New Colts quarterback Philip Rivers had one of those questions and it may have poked a big hole in the NFL’s efforts to return.

Rivers questioned what would happen if a player tested positive for COVID-19 during Super Bowl week, but was asymptomatic. The NFL’s response: maybe.

If that player was able to receive two additional negative tests 24 hours apart, then he would be able to play. However, if a player tested positive in the days leading up to the big game, he’d likely have to sit out. According to NFL protocol, a player would have to wait five days after their positive test, then receive two more negative tests in order to return.

The NFL still has a lot of questions to answer about their COVID protocol.

This same scenario can be applied to playoff games, where it could be even more damaging, considering there is less time in between games. This makes the NFL’s prospects of returning extremely unclear. If this starts happening when the playoffs come around, with superstar players possibly being sidelined for the biggest games of the year, it would be a disaster for the NFL.

Also, you have to imagine if one player contracts the virus, at least a few more on his team will, which could wipe out entire teams from contention.

Imagine if Patrick Mahomes had to sit out of the Super Bowl. It would alter the course of NFL history forever. If they lose, there would be an asterisk next to the opposing team’s Super Bowl title and the entire season would essentially be a sham.

These are the things the NFL needs to take into account with their protocols. Of course, the safety of the players is paramount, but it may not even be worth their trouble if this is the reality of the situation.

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