Cam Newton just cut a WWE-style promo that should scare the rest of the NFL


Cam Newton sounds like a guy motivated to do a lot more than win a Super Bowl this year. 

Does it get any better than winning a Super Bowl?

It would seem that’s the apex, that there’s no other way to prove your doubters wrong. Cam Newton absolutely has that on his list of things to do in 2020 but it’s not going to be enough to satisfy the hunger he has to prove the critics wrong.

Silencing them isn’t enough. Firing each and every doubter into the core of the sun by playing the best season he’s ever had might not be enough, but that certainly sounds like what Cam’s approach will be when he suits up for the Patriots this season.

And in true Cam fashion, he’ll do it with a grin on his face.

Newton has been seen recently working out with N’Keal Harry and Odell Beckham Jr., which is a perfect convergence of Cam only working with the very best in his profession while also showing the young players he’s about to join what true greatness is. He also released a video methodically explaining how he’s going to kick every ass he sees and then kick it some more just to make a point.

That does not sound like a man satisfied simply winning a Super Bowl, which in of itself is asking a lot. That was less a hype video and more a WWE promo being cut by a guy who isn’t afraid to embrace a heel turn since he’s always been the hero in his own narrative.

Moreover, it confirms that Newton signing with the Patriots wasn’t out desperation so much as it was absolutely personal.

Cam has always played with a purpose, but now there’s less a chip on his shoulder than a crater he wants to fill with the souls of those who doubted him. Like Predator collecting spines, Cam sounds as motivated as ever to unleash the true power he harnesses, which in the past has resulted in a National Championship, an NFL MVP, and a trip to the Super Bowl with a team nowhere near qualified enough to get there.

Now Cam is playing for the best coach in the history of football and a team that consistently finds ways to win when the odds are inexplicably stacked against them. No one likes to hear the Patriots play the victim, but either get on the Cam Newton hype train or stay out of its way — because he’s going to be barreling like a locomotive this season and crushing everything that stands in his path.