Chris Taylor got gunned out at third base by Dodgers clubhouse attendant playing LF

Los Angeles Dodgers' Chris Taylor (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Dodgers' Chris Taylor (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Chris Taylor won’t be able to live down getting thrown out by a clubhouse attendant

Don’t run on Chico! Chris Taylor learned this the hard way. A Dodgers’ clubhouse attendant was playing left field during LA’s intra-squad game this weekend, when Taylor tried to tag up and run to third base. Thinking he could take advantage of a man who, by every notion, is not a Major League outfielder, Taylor sped to third and slid into the bag. Unbeknownst to him, Chico had a gun, and Taylor was out by a fairly wide margin.

Per the LA Times, Francisco Herrera, the man known as Chico, has been on the Dodgers payroll since 2008.

How did a clubhouse attendant throw out MLB outfielder Chris Taylor?

Unfortunately for Taylor, there’s no easy answer to that question. Chico hasn’t played competitive baseball since his college days, which were over a decade ago. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Herrera has been an outfielder in several of the Dodgers’ scrimmages thus far.

“It’s been surreal,” Herrera said, once again per the Los Angeles Times. “The guys are loving it and I’m just going out there and having fun.”

The Dodgers’ clubhouse is loving it at Taylor’s expense, but also because they get to see a team employee try and mimic their game activities on a daily basis. For the team, it provides them an extra player to adjust to live baseball before their July 23 Opening Day. Such an adjustment is unusual given the Dodgers would typically be in midseason form by now.

The intra-squad games as a whole have had a positive impact on the team, per manager Dave Roberts. They’re similar in nature to Spring Training games, but nothing can replace the intensity of regular season action.

For Chico, at least, this is his World Series.

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