Dusty Baker reveals what Joe Kelly said to ignite benches clearing melee

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Dusty Baker revealed exactly what Joe Kelly said to really fire up Carlos Correa

If you’re a Houston Astros hater, Joe Kelly might be your new favorite baseball player of all time right now. On Tuesday night, the Dodgers reliever won over the internet after he sat down Carlos Correa late in the game, and had some choice words for him. Kelly was even seen making faces at the Houston slugger.

Shortly after, both benches cleared and we nearly had our first major brawl of the shortened MLB season. So, was it the faces Kelly was making that got Correa riled up? As it turns out, Astros skipper Dusty Baker let us know it was something else that led to the two teams almost throwing countless haymakers.

The benches cleared in an epic way during Tuesday’s showdown between the Astros and Dodgers

As it turns out, a good old fashioned “nice swing (expletive)” is what really got Correa fired up. Before he whiffed on a pitch to end the inning, an offspeed toss from Kelly nearly hit him in the head. That alone annoyed Correa, along with Kelly appearing to toss at Alex Bregman earlier as well on a 3-0 count.

It felt like it was only a matter of time on Tuesday night before tempers eventually boiled over. Well, they sure did, with Kelly right in the middle of everything.

The Dodgers ended up winning Tuesday’s game 5-2, but that was the last thing on everyone’s mind after the final pitch. Players on both sides were still hot, with Kelly and Correa taking center stage.

Houston and LA will meet once again on Wednesday for the final game of the series. We could have even more fireworks on the way, especially if Kelly’s number is called and he takes the bump.

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