Sean Payton trolls Cameron Jordan over late practice arrival excuse

The New Orleans Saints coach poked fun at his star defensive lineman

NFL training camps have kicked off for the past week, and perhaps no team has more on the line in 2020 than the New Orleans Saints. Realizing that their Super Bowl window is closing with quarterback Drew Brees nearing retirement, the Saints brought in difference-makers in wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and safety Malcolm Jenkins to put their roster over the edge amongst their NFC counterparts.

On Wednesday morning, New Orleans edge rusher Cameron Jordan sent out a tweet indicating that he’s going to be late for practice due to catching every red light. Head coach Sean Payton replied 10 minutes later, saying that those street lights aren’t going to pay his fine for being late.

And Jordan replied minutes later with a “roger that” and a salute GIF.

It doesn’t matter who you are, never be late!

Payton used his social media platform to let the world know that even his star player on the defensive side of the ball is prone from fines for being tardy. Hey, we’ve all been there. Rushing out your door to reach work on time, but everything seems to be getting in your way from doing so. But, it was all in fun between the coach and defensive end.

Jordan is coming off yet another Pro Bowl season last year, where he recorded 53 total tackles, 25 quarterback hits and a career-high 15.5 sacks.

The edge rusher’s presence is extremely important this season, especially since six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady defected from the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa boasted an impressive offense last season with receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but were a quarterback away from reaching the playoffs. Now, they have a signal caller who knows just what it takes to reach the important games. Plus, they’re a serious threat to the Saints potentially clinching their fourth-consecutive NFC South Division Championship.

Payton provided a lesson to all fans: always wake up extra early to ensure you don’t have to go over the speed limit to clock in on time!