Andy Reid rocks face shield on sidelines for Chiefs-Texans

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid wore a face shield on the sidelines on Thursday.

Years down the line, we’ll all tell our children about the bizarre year that was 2020. Beginning with Andy Reid’s face shield as the Chiefs and Texans kicked off the NFL season on Thursday night.

By now, most people are used to seeing people in masks. The world of NFL social media apparently wasn’t prepared for Reid to turn up with a see-through welders’ mask on his face.

It was jarring.

Andy Reid’s look for the Chiefs season opener was…different.

There are so many questions that need asking, so it’s best to just get them out quickly.

Why not wear a cloth mask? That’s what Texans coach Bill O’Brien chose to do.

Is Reid so uncomfortable in a mask that he’d rather deal with a foggy face shield all night? They couldn’t figure out anything that suited him?

Was it too late to talk to LSU about their anti-fogging apparatus for face shields?

Seriously, is he going to have someone dedicated to wiping down the inside of that thing? Will the fog just build perpetually until he disappears from view?

Why wouldn’t Reid take this opportunity to not have to hold a play-sheet over his mouth to stop potential lip reading? Maybe we just answered our own question.

When it comes down to it, the man just won a Super Bowl. He gets to eat as many cheeseburgers he wants. And he gets to wear whatever headgear he wants in the middle of global pandemic.

After all, any argument you start with Reid these days could be ended by simply flashing his snazzy new Super Bowl ring.

The Chiefs’ defense of their NFL title began Thursday night when they welcomed Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans to Arrowhead Stadium.